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5 Factors to Consider When Planning a Barbecue Catering Menu for Your Next Big Event

5 Factors to Consider When Planning a Barbecue Catering Menu for Your Next Big Event

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If you’re from Texas, then you already know that barbecue is the perfect thing to serve at any special event. Whether you’re hosting a holiday get-together or a backyard wedding, just reach out to your favorite BBQ caterer in Dallas when it’s time to plan the menu. At Sonny Bryan’s, we can help you plan for all the necessary things that will make your event a success.

How Many People Are Attending?

Running out of food is one of the worst party-hosting mistakes a person can make. When you’re setting up barbecue catering in Dallas for an event, it is important to know how many guests you will be expecting. 


The catering menu for a small birthday gathering will look much different than one for an employee appreciation event with thousands of attendees. Clear communication with your BBQ caterer in Dallas is a crucial component of party planning.   

What Will the Weather Be Like?

As we’ve all learned time and time again, the weather in Texas can be unpredictable. Many gatherings are held outside when barbecue is served. If your upcoming event is an outdoor gathering, you need to be prepared for weather changes. 


At Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse, we can help you to source anything you may need for an outdoor gathering, including tents to shelter guests from less-than-perfect weather.

Do You Have Ample Seating and All the Supplies You Need?

Some events feature bite-sized morsels of mess-free food so that you can eat while walking around and mingling. An event featuring barbecue catering in Dallas is not one of those occasions. Even the most well-mannered person can get a little saucy when barbecue is involved. So, be sure to let your catering company know how many tables and chairs you’ll need to mitigate messes.


Remember that your catering company can also provide many other items to help your event run smoothly. We provide everything from serving utensils to paper plates to sweeteners for the iced tea.  

Can You Safely Host an Event?

If you’re catering during the pandemic, there are steps that you can take to keep your guests as safe as possible. Consider paring back your guest list and spreading out tables and chairs to give everyone sufficient personal space.


In addition to setting up barbecue buffets at events, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse also offers a catering boxed lunch option. Getting pre-packed meals for your guests instead of sending them through a buffet line is another way to have the safest gathering possible.  

Do You Have Food for All Dietary Needs?

While meat is at the center of every barbecue feast, for some people, it’s not on the menu at all. If there are people at your event who can’t eat meat for dietary or personal reasons, it’s important to make sure that they have other options to choose from. Talk to us about our delicious side dishes so we can find alternatives for people on your guest list who need them. 


Whether you’re planning an intimate function or a sweeping soiree, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse can help you to plan the perfect menu. Call us at 214-353-0027 or fill out our online contact form today so we can start bringing your vision to life. You can also swing by Sonny Bryan's on Inwood, one of DFW's oldest restaurants, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to pick up any last minute catering needs.

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