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5 Tips For Catering Business Events

5 Tips For Catering Business Events

4 minute read

As a business owner, you will come across many opportunities to celebrate with peers and colleagues. Whether you’re looking to network within your industry or congratulate your employees on a job well done, you will need the help of a Dallas catering company to make your event successful. 

If you’re looking to cater an event in a memorable way -- both for those that work with you and those you want to work with in the future -- you should consider barbecue catering in Dallas. We’ve collected some tips below that can work as a perfect guide for putting together any kind of business catering. 

1. Set a Budget

Before you start calling caterers in your area, you should establish a budget for your event. This is where you will account for all of the details, including the venue, decorations, and catering as a whole. It’s important that you define a budget before you start contacting companies, as this will help you narrow options for services within your price range.

2. Know Your Headcount

The caterer that will agree to feed your group will primarily depend on the size of the crowd you’re inviting. Some companies focus on smaller events, while others are comfortable handling larger events. Consult each one to make certain you can find a company that can effectively handle your group size.

3. Find the Right Menu, Like Barbecue Catering in Dallas

The menu you choose will depend on the kind of event you’re hosting. Lunches typically have an entree served with a side and appetizers, while a cocktail event should account for many more small bites—ten or more per person is the standard. 

Take into account the time of day that your event will be held and the number of hours that you will host guests. Use this information to plan the meal accordingly. This will let you know whether you need a full-service wait staff or if a buffet style may be more appropriate. 

4. Provide Options

Planning a variety of food options for a catered event is an exciting thing to do. Aside from being fun to curate, multiple entrees and sides can also accommodate a range of dietary needs. That’s why Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse offers a comprehensive selection of sides and meats that are not only easy to choose from, but also exciting. There are so many possibilities!

You should know in advance about any dietary restrictions that may affect your choice of menu. With all of this information, you can work with our caterers to create selections for barbecue catering in Dallas that will leave everyone satisfied. 

5. Form a Relationship

When you’re looking for event catering, a good company can be hard to find, so once you find a Dallas catering company that works with your business, you will want to consider holding onto them. An ongoing contract can work well to secure a caterer for your team, letting them serve your business for events in the future.  

Doing all of these things will eliminate a lot of the work that goes into planning, as you will be able to rely on the relationship you have developed with your caterer. 

It’s time to admit it—the era of boxed meals or lunches brought from home is long gone. It costs a little more, but a fresh-cooked variety of entrees and appetizers will go the distance in satisfying your attendees. If you’re looking for barbeque catering in Dallas, contact Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse today and find the perfect partnership to make your event shine. 


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