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Barbecue Catering for Church Events

Barbecue Catering for Church Events

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Foster fellowship with food and community gatherings! If you're hosting a church event, consider barbecue catering for a one-of-a-kind event that will delight your congregation.

Hosting church events are a great way to socialize and create community among members and visitors alike. When you’re planning a church event, it’s important to consider the purpose and nature of the event in order to prepare accordingly. If your church is looking to grow together as a whole congregation, welcome new families, or reach out to the neighboring community, gathering together to share a meal is the perfect opportunity. 


Here are three tips for catering a church event with Dallas barbecue: 


Provide Good Food 

Welcome churchgoers and neighbors with delicious smoked or slow-cooked meats. Our iconic Dallas barbecue and delicious homemade potato salad, cole slaw, and BBQ baked beans are sure to please a big crowd – kids included! Choose from a variety of catering or buffet packages and find the best option that meets your church’s budget. Keep in mind, we also offer Dallas barbecue delivery so you don’t have to worry about coordinating anything else. 


Foster Fellowship 

Set the tone for your church event by choosing the right location. Hosting a luncheon in the gymnasium or chapel is a great way to build relationships within the church. Looking to invite the whole community? Organize an outdoor picnic and encourage everyone to bring a dessert or side to pass around and share potluck style. Because you can never have too many dessert options, all of our catering packages include cookies too!


Make It Memorable 

Provide fun activities for all ages. Offer games and prizes to keep kids entertained, set up a face painting station, or hire a local band. Most importantly, inspire everyone to connect and build lasting memories.   


Call us at 214-353-0027 or fill out our online contact form today. We would love to cater your next church event with delicious Dallas BBQ! We cater beyond Dallas - reach out to us for barbecue catering in Richardson, Plano, Fort Worth and beyond! 

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