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Catering Kids’ Birthday Parties

Catering Kids’ Birthday Parties

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When you’re putting together a child’s birthday party, you need to execute a plan that will make the event appealing to children and adults alike. That means taking everything into consideration -- ideally in a way that doesn’t leave you juggling catering contracts and price quotes while you rush to put everything together in time. 

Working with a Dallas catering company, like Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse, can remove the hassle and let you reap the benefits that birthday party catering offers. Here are some of the ways we can help! 


For a child’s birthday party, a theme is a great focal point that can help determine games and decor, along with the food you serve. You can pick food to fit your theme -- if you don’t have a particular one in mind, you can make a party’s theme based on the cuisine you want to serve.

If you’re wanting barbecue food, for instance, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse offers the best barbeque catering in Dallas. If you’re working with us, why not turn the whole event into a Western-themed cowboy rodeo? You can invite your guests to come decked out in boots and hats, and the whole family can enjoy country tunes and delicious smoky meats and sides. 

We can even serve your food with decor fitting to the theme, such as a rustic tablecloth or other place settings!


Unlike most dinner parties, kids are less likely to want to wait around for the next course. They get bored easily, and once you’ve lost a child’s attention, it’s a struggle to get it back. That’s why it’s good to rely on a professional caterer that’s familiar with preparing food and drink in a kid-friendly style. 

We can also provide advice on the menu, based on the time of day that you’re throwing your party. We can suggest a heartier meal if it’s closer to lunchtime or lighter fare for parties later in the afternoon. You won’t have to make predictions about what will suit your party -- instead, you can leave that decision to a trained professional! 

Trouble-Free Barbeque Catering in Dallas

In the midst of planning, it’s easy to forget that there will be adults at your party, as well as children. That doesn’t mean you’re required to offer scotch and cigars at the door, but you should make an effort to provide food and drink options that aren’t loaded with sugar. A good catering company will give you plenty of choices that will satisfy guests of all ages.  

A catering company with the reputation of Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse will also work with you to make sure that any and all of your guest’s dietary restrictions are followed. You won’t be left scouring store after store for the right ingredients to suit everyone. When you hire us as your Dallas catering company, we’ll help make your meal perfect.

It’s safe to say that working with Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse will allow you to please even the pickiest eater’s palate. Go to our website and fill out your information to get a quote. You can work with our professional team so that you can spend more time focused on what really matters -- enjoying time with your child. We cater beyond Dallas - reach out to us for barbecue catering in Richardson, Plano, Fort Worth and beyond! 

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