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Catering Theme Ideas For Your Dallas Event

Catering Theme Ideas For Your Dallas Event

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A party is best thought of as an equation. It can be as simple or complicated as you choose to make it. For many people, a party is a few friends, a couple of pizzas and a good movie on the television. That’s some basic addition. But if you’re feeling more adventurous, you might want to add decorations, games and an even more elaborate menu. And if you’re looking into any type of party catering, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse is the best barbeque catering in Dallas. We have enough menu options to suit whatever event you’re hosting. 

Simple Themes

If you’re not looking to go all out for one particular theme, our Dallas catering team can put together a meal package that will turn any get-together into a party. For instance, Halloween is coming up and it’s possible to build a whole occasion around the right menu. 


It’s a fabulous excuse to dress up and blast some spooky tunes. That is already a great way to spend an evening, but you’ll be the topic of discussion at every water cooler if you add a loaded baked potato station to your party!


There’s merit to inviting people for an extensively themed party, but if the event is planned at the last minute, there are more simple ways to bring your guests into the fun. For Christmas, you can challenge partygoers to come dressed in an ugly sweater or all white for New Year’s. This can make the party and its photos more memorable. 


You can also simply gather your friends and family to enjoy a burger and hot dog buffet under string lights and pennant flags. You might consider this to be avoiding a theme entirely, but a theme by definition is the subject of talk, writing, thought, or exhibition. So, in this case, the theme of your party would be everyone you love.

Elaborate Themes

Let’s say you’re feeling a little more creative—both in your catering and in the occasion that it enhances. If you’re looking to indulge in the Tex-Mex cuisine Dallas is so well known for, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse offers a catering menu with beef and chicken fajitas.

Barbecue Catering in Dallas

You can incorporate decor designed with Otomi and other forms of Mexican textile art. Lots of bright colors and carnations will bring a traditional and brightly colored aesthetic to your gathering, and this will only be enhanced by the fantastic smells of seasoned meat and vegetables.


There are plenty of drinks you can serve inspired by the overlap of Texan and Mexican culture. Most cocktails involving tequila are an excellent way to follow the theme. For example, you can use some good Don Julio to make a Paloma, which has been called the most popular cocktail in Texas. And for kids or people not looking for a buzz, you can offer horchata and agua fresca in the many flavors they come in. 


The buffets we offer are a great addition because they work without affecting the flow of the party. Instead of sitting down all at once, people are free to enjoy their drinks and conversation and eat when they feel ready. This also eliminates the need to find seating for everyone all at once. 


Your guests can eat in small clusters around the space, and as you go from group to group, you can be sure everyone is enjoying the food as much as the company. That’s the sign of a great party.

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse: The Best in Dallas Catering

Be it by addition or calculus, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse has the best barbeque catering in Dallas for any party equation. We love friendly gatherings and the people that put them together, and all we want to do is help encourage anyone with a celebration in their heart to share it with the world. 


That’s what we try to do with every one of our catering options. So if you’re planning a party, don’t forget to add us to the guest list. Contact us today, and let’s celebrate the day together. We guarantee our barbecue catering in Dallas, plus your party, will equal unforgettable memories. We cater beyond Dallas - reach out to us for barbecue catering in Richardson, Plano, Fort Worth and beyond!



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