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Dallas - Fort Worth's Oldest Barbecue Restaurant

Dallas - Fort Worth's Oldest Barbecue Restaurant

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Dallas barbecue is good, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse is better, and good barbecue that’s open 24/7 is as good as it gets. At Sonny Bryan’s Inwood restaurant, you are guaranteed to find classic Texas barbecue any time of the day because our flagship store, located on Harry Hines and Inwood Road, is the only BBQ place (in the entire state of Texas) to stay open around the clock.  

Founded in 1958, the original Sonny Bryan’s has been open for over 64 years and is one of Dallas’ oldest restaurants. As a restaurant that is always open, we attract people from all walks of life – and we are incredibly proud to serve such a diverse crowd. We’ve made our slow-smoked brisket for civil rights demonstrators, presidents and even renowned chefs such as Julia Child, Jacques Pepin and Emeril. Because there’s always one thing all of our diners have in common – a deep love for Dallas barbeque (this is Texas, after all).  


Though we’ve made some renovations and upgrades over the years, we decided to keep our original dining room with our iconic vintage school desks - as well as the original Sonny Bryan’s family barbeque recipes. We appreciate the classics around here, but sometimes we like to add our own spin. Alongside local craft brews, we also serve our house-made BBQ sauce in heated beer bottles. Once you pour a warm bottle of our signature sauce on your brisket, ribs or onion rings, we think you’ll agree there’s nothing better. 


The truth is, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse Inwood location is as iconic as our barbecue itself. If you’re a fellow barbeque lover, grab your family or bring a friend and join us at the table (or slide in one of our desks). Our Texas-style brisket, pulled pork and ribs are sure to hit the spot... but be sure to try some of our delicious sides as well (we highly recommend the onion rings)!

If you're in Dallas-Fort Worth near Inwood Road, we'd love to see you at Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse!

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