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The Dallas Morning News Alert: Sonny Bryan's Is One Of DFW's Oldest Restaurants

The Dallas Morning News Alert: Sonny Bryan's Is One Of DFW's Oldest Restaurants

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We were excited to read that The Dallas Morning News created a list of the oldest Dallas Fort Worth’s restaurants, and Sonny Bryan's was featured as one of these time-honored Dallas barbecue gems. Though “Sonny Bryan’s is ‘only’ 64 years old in this list of North Texas restaurants that are 50 years and older…[our] history goes back 112 years” beginning with Elias Bryan.  


A quick history: Elias Bryan, Sonny’s grandfather, started Bryan’s Smokehouse in 1910 on Centre Street. In 1930, Elias’ son, Red Bryan, opened The Tin Shack selling barbecue sandwiches for only ten cents! In 1958, Sonny Bryan, son of Red and manager of The Tin Shack, opened Sonny Byran’s Smokehouse on Inwood Road in Dallas in 1958. 


Flash forward a bit: Sonny Bryan sold his restaurant and renowned top-tier barbecue recipe to the Harman family in 1989, and we’ve been barbecuing ever since. We intend to keep our flagship Inwood location a Dallas installation, recently signing a "nearly unheard-of" 45 year lease.


Our Dallas roots are deep, our brisket is smoked and seasoned with a secret rub, and our rich history proves good barbecue is in our bones. We’ve been around a long time, but it’s a privilege to be recognized as one of “North Texas’ most storied restaurants.” A Dallas legend 64 years – and counting – Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse is “the same place where Julia Child hopped behind the counter and worked the register, just for fun; and it’s where Rachael Ray filmed an episode of $40 a Day for the Food Network.” We work hard every day to ensure our iconic Texas barbecue is as synonymous with Dallas culture as our name. 


Brent Harman, the owner of Sonny Bryan’s, says, “It’s the joy of my life to be a part of this.” Dallas has a delicious culinary history, and we are honored to be celebrated among some of the greatest living legacies in the DFW area. A special thank you to The Dallas Morning News writer Sarah Blaskovich for including us. Find her full article and delicious list here.

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