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Get Your Dallas Barbecue 24/7!

Get Your Dallas Barbecue 24/7!

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If you're ever craving Dallas barbecue at odd hours of the day or night, there's no need to worry because Sonny Bryan's is open 24/7! We serve all your favorite barbecue meats and sides, no matter what time. 

Have you ever wondered when the busiest times might be for our third shift? We see a lot of traffic late night on Saturdays around 11pm, as well as at 2am after the bars close. Holidays also tend to be busy late at night, with the busiest holidays being 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

One of the great things about Sonny Bryan's being open 24/7 is that we attract a wide variety of customers, especially late at night. Being located across the street from a hospital, we get a lot of healthcare workers who are either coming in for a late shift or leaving one. Additionally, we see a lot of hospital visitors who are looking for a late-night bite to eat. But, perhaps the most interesting customers are the regulars who have been coming in for decades! These dedicated patrons truly love Sonny Bryan's barbecue and can't imagine going anywhere else.

If you've ever woken up with a hangover after a night of drinking, you know how important it is to find the right cure. At Sonny Bryan's, we believe that our Dallas barbecue is the perfect solution. After all, there's nothing like a plate of slow-smoked meat and a side of crispy onion rings to help stave off the effects of a night of drinking. And speaking of onion rings, ours are particularly popular among our late-night customers. Extra large and deep-fried to perfection, they're the perfect accompaniment to any barbecue meal. 

Our third shift manager, Shane, plays a vital role in ensuring that everything runs smoothly at the restaurant. Late at night, he does a lot of prep work, such as trimming brisket, so that the morning shift has everything they need to get the day going. And while the late-night hours can be quiet at times, Shane has certainly seen his fair share of interesting things over the years. With his previous experience as a bouncer, he's well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise!

With our 24/7 hours, you can always count on Sonny Bryan’s to satisfy your Dallas barbecue cravings no matter what time it is! Come visit us at our original Inwood location.

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