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Summer Entertaining Ideas: How You Can Create Casual and Memorable Events

Summer Entertaining Ideas: How You Can Create Casual and Memorable Events

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As summer approaches, the warmer weather inspires us to call up friends and family and organize for some fun. It’s a time for cold drinks, lots of laughter, and plenty of picture-perfect photo opportunities. 

And sure, you can keep things casual and just have some people over in your living room. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you really want to throw a spectacular summer bash, it’s worth putting in that extra special effort to create an extraordinary event for all your loved ones. 

At Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse, we believe in crafting memories that will last a lifetime. And we think you can do that with barbeque catering in Dallas. So here are four ideas for summer entertaining themes that the most important people in your life will love. You can follow one theme, mix and match a few, or use all of the ideas as a jumping-off point to make something totally your own!

A Charming Garden Party

This type of gathering is an excellent idea if you have fancy friends in your life. Garden parties began in the 1860s when royalty and the upper class needed an opportunity to mingle. To this day, the Queen of England still hosts garden parties at Buckingham Palace a few times throughout the summer (though your party doesn’t need to be extravagant as hers). 

If you want to follow a traditional garden party dress code, you can encourage semi-formal pastels or floral prints in your guests. But this isn’t mandatory by any means, especially if you’re serving Dallas catering, which tends to get a little messy. 

You can stick to expressing your garden party style by filling the space with flowers and greenery (real or fake) and hanging string lights to give the party a lovely glow.  

Garden parties are perfect if you feel like celebrating the longer days with style and panache. 

Cowboy Rodeo 

This theme is for the little ones you may be hosting, though there’s surely room for adults to get in on the fun, too. A western-themed party is an excellent way to incorporate the heat rather than see it as a distraction (as it usually is). You can decorate the rooms using burlap and gingham, with some red and yellow bandanas tied as decorations or given as party favors. 

And if you’re looking for barbecue catering in Dallas, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse offers a variety of amazing western munchies that will suit any rancher. Barbeque is a great way to appeal to all ages, with options fit for even the pickiest eaters. Kids can enjoy their meal with lemonade or soda, and if adults want to get in the spirit, you can offer a variety of authentic alcoholic root beers.  

Attire doesn’t need to be too fancy. People could dress in the theme if they want to, but you should warn them if you’re planning any water-gun shootouts. People need to prepare for that kind of thing.

Backyard BBQ

As the best barbeque catering in Dallas, we would be remiss if we didn’t spend some time praising the merits of an old-fashioned backyard barbeque. 

Party themes are nice and all, but sometimes people don’t want to dress up for a party. Sometimes all you want to do is get the kids, grab your keys, and get there just as you are. In that case, food will be the main event or “theme,” and we’re the team you need to deliver on that!  

A backyard BBQ is a great way to celebrate any day, but it can also be crafted to fit one of the existing summertime holidays. 

If you’re looking for a great way to spend the Fourth of July or Labor Day, you can deck out your yard in shades of red, white and blue. You can pass out sprinklers to the kids and serve lemonade, Coca Cola and other quintessential American beverages. 

You don’t have to plan elaborate games for a backyard BBQ. All you really need are a few good lawn games to occupy your partygoers such as cornhole, lawn darts (they’re a lot safer now than they used to be), or even one of those jumbo Jenga sets. Opt for games that people can understand quickly and play unsupervised. 

However you party, if you’re looking for the top Dallas catering company, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse is here for you. We offer nine different menu packages that are guaranteed to fit any occasion. Whether you want an Italian buffet for your garden party or a loaded baked potato station for your cowboy rodeo, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse has a plan for you. 

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