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Super Bowl Catering Tips for the Ultimate Party

Super Bowl Catering Tips for the Ultimate Party

2 minute read

When you’re throwing a party for the Super Bowl, the last thing you want to worry about is food. While we all love hanging out by the grill, this could mean you’re missing the big game or good times with friends. But how do you handle Super Bowl catering exactly?

The easiest option is to let us do it for you. We’ve been smoking and slow-cooking delicious meats and sides since 1910, so we know what we’re doing. If you’re in Dallas and need some quality barbecue delivery, we can make it happen on short notice, with almost any party size. Just give us a call or email and we’ll handle the rest. The great thing about Super Bowl barbeque catering is you get a full spectrum of options. Chicken, pork, beef and multiple veggie sides means you don’t have to worry about personal preferences... just set up a buffet and let people pick their favorite items!

Otherwise, if you’re cooking yourself, you may have to choose - one or two meat dishes with a side or two. Anything more than that starts to sound like chaos on game day.

As for the Super Bowl party itself, get the living room cozy. You're going to want plenty of snacks... and a thorough vacuuming. Nothing throws off your guests like finding cookies in the couch cushions.

Next, think about your snacks. Chips and dip are a classic and it's easy to pick up dip at the store or make your own. You want food that can be eaten with one-hand. Don't snooze on our extra large Onion Rings with your catering order.

As for beverages, you’ll want beer, cocktails (it's never too early for margaritas) and sodas for non-drinkers. Depending on how the game’s going and who you're rooting for, you might want to have some backups here.

After that, it’s pretty simple. Just remember, your most important consideration is the food. That’s why, if you’re in Dallas, we recommend you get Sonny Bryan’s home delivery and catering. We smoke our meat so slow the meat falls right off the bone. That means less utensils to worry about, too.

Get ready for the big game and start your Super Bowl catering order here.

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