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The Best Barbeque Catering & Home Delivery Dishes

The Best Barbeque Catering & Home Delivery Dishes

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We’ve all been there. You’re home, nice and comfy, when suddenly there’s a terrible problem. You need, but, oddly, it’s not there! This is tough, because great barbecue isn’t something you can cook in twenty minutes. Real quality barbeque catering has to be slow-cooked, meticulously smoked and delicately seasoned. But luckily, Dallas has plenty of amazing options. Such as our classic menu of dishes.


If you’re in the Dallas area and need delivery for any size, from just yourself to a large group, we can get you amazing food any day of the year. Whether you’re having last minute cravings or just a night off from the kitchen, we've got you covered. Here are a few of our favorite dishes next time you’re hungry at home and need some quick barbeque delivery.  



Everyone knows what they want when it comes to ribs: meat that falls right off the bone. That’s why we smoke our ribs for hours and hours, and then finish ‘em off on the grill to sear in the juices. You could cut these with a toothpick. 



Whether sliced or chopped, atop a baked potato, in a thick sandwich or just in a juicy pile on your plate, brisket is wonderfully satisfying, but tricky to cook properly at home. You really want it tender. Dry brisket will get you exiled from the Lone Star State. Our Hill Country Brisket is famously slow-cooked to perfection. 


Pulled Pork & Pulled Chicken

Similarly, pulled chicken, especially, is hard to get perfect at home. Ours is savory and smoky goodness. We serve our meats Texas-style, meaning it’s marinated, then smoked. 



When you’re cooking at home it’s annoying to get all the sides together. The more sides you have, the more complicated it all gets. This is another reason why getting barbecue delivery in Dallas is a good idea. Here are a few of our favorites. 


BBQ Beans

The great thing about beans is that they go with all the meats.


Mac & Cheese

Somehow, BBQ sauce always winds up in the Mac & Cheese. This is what we refer to as a happy accident. Either way, don’t settle for cardboard box Mac at home. We like a proper cheddar cheese sauce. 


Potato Salad, Coleslaw and Green Bean Casserole

We know you’re not a rabbit, but it’s good for some part of your plate to be green. 


French Fries

Anyone who’s made fries at home knows that the texture is hard to get right. This is why catering and delivery is a great idea. 


Stuffed Baked Potato

For when you absolutely, positively need to annihilate your hunger.


Then, top it off with some dessert. Is there anything better than a freshly made Peach or Apple cobbler available on demand? 


These are just a few of our options. But we’re open every day of the year, so no matter what sort of barbecue emergency you find yourself in, if you’re in Dallas, we got you covered. Start your order here. We cater beyond Dallas - reach out to us for barbecue catering in Richardson, Plano, Fort Worth and beyond! 


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