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The Best Venues for Catering Your Barbecue Event

The Best Venues for Catering Your Barbecue Event

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Let’s say you have an event coming up on the horizon. There’s a lot you have to plan for, so much so that it may seem a little overwhelming. And if you’ve looked into Dallas catering, you’ve likely found yourself drowning in menus, prices, requirements and specifications. 


You can narrow down what you need from a catering company by determining what venue you want to host your event in. Once you figure that out, you can build the rest of your event from there. So let’s talk a little bit more about the strategy needed behind your event venue and how you can make it shine even brighter with the best barbecue catering in Dallas.

Things to Consider 

If you’re looking into a location, there are a few conditions you have to take into consideration. The most important thing you need to think about is the capacity of the venue. Can it accommodate your guest list? For example, if you’re hosting a party of 300 people, you shouldn’t try and fit them all into a venue with a 100-person capacity. Alternatively, if you’re looking at a gathering of 75 people, the affair will look a little deserted and depressing in a 500-person ballroom. 


You should also be sure that the venue allows you to bring in outside food vendors so you can fully customize your event.

Outdoor Versus Indoor

Hosting an event indoors or outdoors will bring its own pros and cons, depending on what you choose. It’s harder to cater outdoors, but if you’re hosting a reception or company picnic and you want to feel the sun and the breeze, many Dallas catering companies are ready to handle that. 


It’s essential to look up the weather on the date of your event, as a strong breeze or sweltering heat can make distributing food in the elements far harder. Renting a tent and covers for equipment is an excellent way to protect the caterers and your guests, but the weather is unpredictable, and it makes hosting any outdoor event risky. 


Catering an indoor event is time-tested to be more reliable and a way to make sure the food you serve is as fresh as possible. If you choose one of Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse's buffet options, dining indoors will also ensure your food can sit out and still be ready to enjoy throughout the whole event.

Benefits of Catering in the Home

Home catering is another option if you’re looking to host a smaller party. If you’re already stressing over everything involved in throwing a party, getting catering delivered directly to your home can definitely ease some of the burden. You also get the peace of mind of knowing that your food has been prepared with a caterer’s level of skill and sanitation. 


You can avoid paying fees for insurance, venues and other costs if you already have what you need at home. Your party might not be so extravagant that it requires renting out the Taj Mahal, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a special occasion.

The Best Barbecue Catering in Dallas

When you team up with a catering company like Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse, we can give insights to help you choose the best menu for your event. Our professional guidance can raise you from the muck of party-planning overload and keep you working with a clear head. Home catering may be just what you need to make a fantastic party on your own terms.

Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse and the Mustang Room

If you’re looking for an indoor venue that’s perfect for enjoying top-tier barbeque catering in Dallas, the Mustang Room is a great choice. Located 15 minutes north of downtown, the Mustang Room can hold up to seventy-five guests, making it a perfect choice for parties, weddings, and all kinds of corporate events.


When you pick us as your venue, you can solve all your questions relating to venues and catering in the span of one phone call. This allows you to focus on what really matters—planning and then hopefully enjoying your party. So if you want to make things easier on yourself, contact Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse today to learn more about our barbecue catering in Dallas. We’ll help in any way we can.



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