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The Return of the Holiday Cheer: Corporate Parties Are Back!

The Return of the Holiday Cheer: Corporate Parties Are Back!

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Even though the holidays are a few months away, we can't help but dream of cooler weather and holiday cheer. According to a survey from Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., 57% of US companies said they're throwing holiday parties this year. That's more than double last year's figures. And nothing says holiday party like a good ol' Texas barbecue. This is where holiday party catering comes in, especially Sonny Bryan's barbecue catering.

Why Choose BBQ for Your Holiday Party Catering?

Holiday parties are all about indulgence and comfort, and nothing provides that quite like barbecue. Barbecue catering is a great way to bring a touch of Texas warmth to your holiday festivities. From smoked turkey to glazed ham and an array of comforting sides, barbecue can add a unique spin to traditional holiday fare.

Experience and Versatility: Catering for All Company Sizes

We've catered for hundreds of companies of all sizes in the Dallas - Fort Worth area. Whether you are hosting a small office gathering or a large corporate celebration, our team ensures a seamless experience. We understand that each company has unique needs and preferences. That's why our barbeque catering service offers a diverse menu and flexible options to suit every taste and dietary requirement.

BBQ Catering: A Unique Culinary Experience for Your Guests

But why should you consider barbeque catering for your holiday party? A barbeque is more than just a meal; it's an experience. The distinct smoky aroma, the fall-off-the-bone tenderness of the meat, and the vibrant flavors all contribute to a unique culinary journey. This makes barbecue catering an excellent choice for holiday party catering, offering your guests an unforgettable dining experience.

Planning Ahead: Ensuring a Successful Holiday Party

Planning ahead for your holiday party catering can ensure a successful event. As companies return to hosting holiday parties, caterers are likely to get booked up fast. By choosing your BBQ catering service in advance, you can avoid last-minute stress and ensure a top-notch culinary experience for your attendees.

Celebrate the Holidays with BBQ

As the holiday season approaches, consider adding a Texas twist to your corporate party with barbecue catering. Whether it’s the smoky ribs, tender brisket, or mouthwatering sides, barbeque catering promises a festive feast that will leave your guests talking for months. With BBQ at your holiday party, it's not just about celebrating the season; it's about celebrating the tradition, community, and the spirit of Texas.

Call us at 214-353-0027 or fill out our online contact form to get in touch with our catering team. And if you’re in the Dallas area, come visit us at one of Dallas’ oldest and iconic restaurants on Inwood Road, open 24/7/365 for barbecue pickup or barbecue delivery. We cater beyond Dallas - reach out to us for barbecue catering in Richardson, Plano, Fort Worth and beyond! 

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