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How to Cater Events During the Pandemic

Over the last year, the world has gone through a unique experience as a pandemic swept the globe. While everyone looks forward to the end of this pandemic, there is a long way to go before we can all go back to business as usual.  However, it’s still possible to hold safe, socially-distanced gatherings with lots of fun and flair. Let’s learn about the best ways to safely hold events with Dallas catering services during the pandemic. 

Know Regulations in Your Area

Rules on social gatherings are varied and depend on what country, state, county, and even city you’re in. Make sure you understand all of the applicable requirements for gatherings in your area, which may include: 

  • A strict limit on the number of guests
  • Whether gatherings must be outdoors or can be indoors
  • What the mask requirements are
  • How far apart seating arrangements must be
  • Whether you are permitted to serve food or drink 

 If beverages and food can be served, there may be a requirement that the food will be prepared by a professional service. Luckily, professional barbecue catering in Dallas remains an option during this unique moment in history.  

Communicate with Your Guests

Guests might have different standards and expectations when they attend events during the pandemic. When you extend your invitation to them, communicate the steps that you’ll be taking for everyone’s safety. There are several good reasons for you to do this, including:

  • Demonstrating the care and consideration that you are putting into your plans
  • To help anxious guests feel reassured about their safety
  • To gently remind guests that certain guidelines must be followed
  • Being transparent about precautions in this way can help your invitation to be warmly received by your guests. 

Have Appropriate Supplies On Hand

Many areas require business establishments to have hand sanitizer readily available for customers. If you’re hosting a private event, that may not be required. However, it’s still a good practice to strategically position hand sanitizer dispensers throughout your event space in locations like: 

  • Near the entrance and exit to the event
  • Near any food or beverage stations
  • Both inside and outside of restrooms
  • Throughout any food staging areas where caterers may be working 

 Ideally, these hand sanitizers would all come in touchless dispensers to minimize contact with surfaces.  If masks are required where you live, keep extras available in case a guest forgets his or her mask. For an extra special touch, consider ordering masks for all attendees. They can wear them at the gathering if they choose and take them as mementos after the event. It’s the 2021 version of a swag bag!

Hire a Caterer

Even if you love preparing food, hiring a caterer is the way to go during the pandemic. Dallas barbecue is a classic choice for any event. Instead of going to several stores to buy ingredients, you can have minimal interaction with your caterer. Your guests will also feel confident knowing that their food was handled by a Dallas catering business that is well versed in safety protocols.

Safely Cater Your Event with Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse

Since 1910, Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse has provided luscious and succulent barbecue catering in Dallas. We’re committed to continuing to feed you delicious food safely throughout the pandemic. We also offer individual packaging of meals to eliminate potential risks of a buffet style setup (and for your ease of distribution and cleanup). 

 If you have a gathering coming up, visit our catering page to see how we can elevate your event to the next level.